At Field Life, we believe Jesus is worth the sacrifices cross-cultural servants make.

We also believe it’s possible to grow in personal and ministry vibrance with each passing year. We know, because we are global workers ourselves.
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We understand the risk and reward of this calling because we’ve lived it.

Combined, our team has been privileged to weather life on the mission field for more than 30 years. We know first hand the joys and adventure as well as the struggles and sorrow that accompany our response to God’s invitation to join him in redeeming worship all over the world.

At each critical juncture, we’ve received the necessary assistance to remember our calling, get refreshed, and be refueled for the journey ahead.

We believe other Christian cross-cultural workers deserve that same support.

That’s why we created Field Life.

Meet Our Team

MacGregor + Ashley

MacGregor + Ashley

MacGregor and Ashley have spent more than a dozen years living and working cross-culturally in Africa and Asia. They’ve served in numerous capacities including multinational relief work and operational leadership in global mission organizations. They’ve raised and launched their three children on the field and coached countless others to make successful transitions to cross-cultural living. Ashley carries certification in Marriage Assessment and MacGregor carries certifications as a Christian Life Coach and Financial Coach. They are currently based in Southeast Asia serving in their third non-passport country.

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Sean + Celia

Sean + Celia

Sean and Celia have spent nearly 20 years in cross-cultural mission. They’ve lead small frontier teams, given national leadership to a large global mission organization in East Asia, and have helped build a ministry in Africa before co-founding Field Life. Now serving in their fifth country, Sean and Celia live in Southeast Asia with three of their six children (three in university).

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