Field Life Debriefing

Regular debriefing is a healthy part of long-term service on the field helping you recognize your disappointments and losses and giving Jesus permission to take the weight of those from you.

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Debriefing is designed to create a safe structured time and space in a missionary’s life so they can share and process experiences and the impact that these experiences are having on all of their relationships.

Loss and grief can exist from a singular large event or an accumulation of many small events that become burdensome. Debriefing results in greater clarity of perspective, increased closure, and enhanced resilience so that missionaries can flourish in the environment in which they serve.

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This process is usually a 4-day in-person experience at either our guest house in Southeast Asia, onsite at your field location, or in a neutral location depending on our capacity and the needs and circumstances of the missionary, family, or team.

Hear what global workers are saying:

I believe it to be God’s Mercy that you came at the time you did. Thank you for listening to my story and helping me see it through the lens of the cross. I will always be grateful for the time we’ve spent together!

A.M. serving in Panama

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J.J. serving in France