Who we are

At Field Life, we believe Jesus is worth the sacrifices cross-cultural servants make.
We also believe it’s possible to grow in personal and ministry vibrance with each passing year. We know, because we are global workers ourselves. 

We understand the risk and reward of this calling because we’ve lived it.
Combined, our team has been privileged to weather life on the mission field for more than 30 years. We know first hand the joys and adventure as well as the struggles and sorrow that accompany our response to God’s invitation to join him in redeeming worship all over the world. 

At each critical juncture, we’ve received the necessary assistance to remember our calling, get refreshed, and be refueled for the journey ahead.

We believe other Christian cross-cultural workers deserve that same support. 

That’s why we created Field Life.

Contact forms

Our contact form collects only the information you choose to provide. It is emailed to the proper leadership and store on our database as a backup.

Who we share your data with

Your data is only shared with the relevant leadership of Field Life. We will never sell or give away your information without your written consent.

How long we retain your data

If you fill out the contact form, the data you share is retained indefinitely. This is so we can easily recognize past conversations and provide relevant follow-up.

Where we send your data

Entries from contact forms are backed up in our database which is located in New York, USA.